Memorial Day Sale 2019

Memorial Day Special: Buy 6 tomato seedlings, get 1 FREE gallon of compost!


1. Tomato Sale (buy 6 seedlings, get 1 gallon of compost free)
2. Herb Seedling Sale (EXCLUDES BASIL) $1.99 each for oregano, mint, thyme, sage & anise hyssop
3. Celery Seedlings on Sale $1.99 each

Compost Sale

Fresh produce for Memorial Day Weekend

Red onion

Fresh produce in on Thursday:

  • local & organic pea shoots
  • baby spinach
  • McIntosh apples
  • string beans
  • portabella mushroom
  • Crossroads Power Mix: Collards, spinach, kale, pac choi, and dandelion greens
Other products in on Thursday:
  • goat cheese
  • TomCat bread 
  • Jericho Cider apple cider donuts and pies (6″ and 10″)
Fresh produce in on Friday:
  • local asparagus
  • local rhubarb
  • organic red & green cabbage
  • red & yellow onions
  • tri-color carrots
  • yukon gold potato
  • sweet potato
  • cherry and beefsteak tomatoes
  • sugar snap peas
  • yellow & white peaches
  • conventional corn from the south
Other products in on Friday
  • Ithaca hummus

Compost at Crossroads Farm


We offer compost in a variety of ways: 

1 gallon for $2.00

7.5 gallons for $8.00

One tractor bucket for $25.00

By the yard

1 cubic yard for $60.00

5 cubic yards for $250.00

10 cubic yards for  $450.00

For quantities that require tractor use (1 yard plus,) please schedule in advance with our compost manager Joe Castiglia at (347) 925 – 3292. 

Purchase Your 2019 CSA Booklet!

CSA Coupon Booklets

Click here to support your local organic farm, and purchase this year’s CSA booklet.

For $50, you’ll receive $55 worth of coupons.

For $100, you’ll receive $110 worth of coupons. CSA customers also receive a 10% discount on select farm stand products. 

Booklets are only available until July 4th!


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