Buyers Club direct – 08/02/2016


Thanks for being a new or returning buyers club member!  This week’s  order is open for business!  Place your order before Friday at noon and pick it up on Saturday before 2 PM.  Include items from the fresh produce offerings and we’ll harvest them Saturday morning to include in your pick up.  You can’t get fresher than that!

There’s also many Long Island local and organic products to choose from including Crossroads own honey, Northfork potato chips, Seth’s sauerkraut, Crimson and Clove spice mix, Firecider and more!

Place your order today!

There’s lots of Non-GMO, Long Island sweet corn from Sep’s Farm, harvested each week on Friday evening. Additionally, there’s plenty of local varieties of tomatoes available too!

The way it works is simple:  

  • Request a buyers club membership if you don’t have one already.  
  • Access Buyers Club Direct online any time from Tuesday to Friday noon.
  • Choose the items you want us to harvest and we’ll gather from the farm stand for you.  
  • Come to the farm on Saturday between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM to pick up your order.
  • Pay at our farm-stand or farmers market table with cash or credit card.