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The Buyers Club Order is Open


Time for a new buyers club order!

The order is open. Click here to access the catalog:

The deadline for this order is Tuesday, June 28th.

Please feel free to respond to this email or reach out to us at any time with requests for items you do not see.  We have access to a vast natural foods wholesaler’s catalog.

The pick-up day at the farm will be on Saturday, July 2nd from 9 to 5.

We have also added a number of products which we have in stock.  There is no minimum for these items and are available while supplies last.  They all say “In Stock” and prices are discounted.  We will be adding more fresh produce from the farm and will send a bulletin with details in the coming days.  Here are some of the new items:

  • our own organic tomato and pepper seedlings, various kinds
  • our own zucchini and kale
  • our own sage, rosemary, basil seedlings
  • Crimson and Clove spices
  • Pickle and mustard making kits

Splitting-up helpers are needed! Please email Claudia if you can be there to help at 4 PM on June 27th. 

Please use our web-based ordering system to place your order.  This enables all of us to see which items have enough buyers to be included.  Information about each item is visible in real time.  We hope this both encourages each of you to select items to order and to see which items are fully allocated or will be soon with your election or elections of the item by others.

Please let me know if you experience any problems with the system or need any help.

If you have a password and have accessed the system before, you do not need to obtain a new password.  The password you used last time is still in effect.  If you don’t remember your password or are new to ordering, please use the link below in step 2 to get the password emailed to you.

Here are the instructions for accessing the on-line system and for requesting your purchases:

  1. Keep a record of your username: [_username]
  2. Obtain your password.  Click here:[_queue]
    Your password will be emailed to you.
  3. Visit the ordering system.  After clicking the link below, you will be prompted to log in:
    After logging in, you will see the order in the system.
  4. Once logged in, you will be viewing what we call the “order state”.  This is a view of the order that shows the total you have purchased as well as information about activity from other buyers.
  5. Click “Buy/Review” to see who has purchased the item and/or to purchase the item yourself.
  6. Click “Buy” to purchase the item in the unit amount indicated.
  7. Click “Sell” to remove an item you previously purchased.
  8. You can click “Buy” for as many shares as you wish to buy.
  9. If all shares for an item are purchased, you can click “Buy into a new case”.  A new set of shares will appear with one of them indicated as purchased by you.
  10. If enough shares are purchased for an item to complete the full case and one of the buyers is you, the system will indicate that your purchase is going to occur.
  11. To review your order, click “My Order”

Thank you for participating in this program!  If you have any questions, problems or feedback (positive or negative), please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

If you want to refer a friend to this program, please email me with the referral information.

Just a reminder that first time buyers will be charged a one-time fee of $10 when they pick up their order.

With gratitude,

Rick White, NLT, Farm Advisory Committee Chair, 516-308-1794
Danielle Phair, Farm Stand Coordinator
Stephanie Kane, Field Manager
Judi Consigli, Operations Manager


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